Where To Buy An Amazon Kindle 3G eReader Device

If you are looking for a good quality eReader then the best has to be the original Amazon Kindle.  There are different versions available and the most recent is the Kindle 3G Wireless Reader which is available to buy from Amazon today.

The Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device is available with free 3G, Wi-Fi and is compatible with 3G technology across the world. The new Kindle comes with the New E Pearl Technology that makes it the best available device for reading ebooks.

Product Features

  • The new E Ink Screen Pearl Technology provides clearer and sharper texts making it easy to read.
  • In contrast to LCD screens, the Kindle 3G Reader is like paper, which allows users to read in bright sunlight.
  • Weighing a mere 8.7 ounces and a thickness of one-third inch, the Kindle weighs lesser than a paperback edition or a magazine.
  • Storage capacity of up to 3500 e books.
  • With the wireless in the off mode, the battery lasts for up to thirty days and with the wireless on, the battery life is for up to ten days.
  • The new Kindle is available with no annual contracts or monthly charges for using 3G wireless services.
  • The 3G coverage on the new Kindle is available in over one hundred countries worldwide.
  • The new Kindle comes with an in-built Wi-Fi offering connectivity on the move.
  • While turning the pages, the noise created is miniscule and does not disturb others.
  • Internally integrated with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Does not require any long set-up process or software installation.
  • A fast connectivity allows downloading e books within sixty seconds.
  • The Whispersync technology makes the e books on the Kindle adaptable to iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android devices or Balckberry.
  • With the assistance of Text-to-Speech, the Kindle is able to read English language to users.
  • The new Kindle comes with an improved version of Abode PDF reader.

Advantages of the E Ink Pearl Technology

  • Offers 50% better contrast and sharper texts.
  • The display is does not strain the eyes as the technology offers paper like comfort to the eyes as opposed to reading on computer screens or other LCD devices.
  • The text on the screen does not distort at different angles causing no strain to the readers.
  • The screen has a 100% orifice ratio maintaining uniformity and providing high quality images.

So now go ahead and order a Kindle 3G Wireless eReader Device so that you can indulge yourself with a real reading experience on the move, any time, anywhere. Once you have invested in a good quality kindle, you may like to think about buying the perfect eReader cover to keep your reader protected at all times.

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