The Hunger Games Book Review

Reasons To Read The Hunger Games

I have recently read The Hunger Games Trilogy which are a set of books that were written primarily for the teen market but have a crossover appeal similar to The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer and the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling.  Just like those set of books, the first instalment of The Hunger Games has been made into a movie and the others are sure to follow.

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I was introduced to the books by two things.  One was an article on a website where people were seemingly upset that one of the characters was to be portrayed by a black actress in the film version.  The other was by my sister, who read the books first and recommended them to me.  Before then I hadn’t heard anything about these books or the author, Suzanne Collins, but I was now very intrigued.

The Storyline of The Hunger Games

The basic storyline is about a country called Panem.  It has been divided into 12 sectors which are controlled by The Capital.  The sectors tried to rebel against the controlling power but failed.  As punishment two children from each sector must perform in the so called “Hunger Games” where the winner is the last person who is able to survive.  This means that children must battle each other as well as any deadly elements that they face during the game.

Similar Storylines From Other Films

The set up is similar to storylines that can be found in films like The Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Death Race starring the gorgeous Jason Statham and The Condemned with the wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. The difference being that young people are used instead of grown ups, which makes it even more poignant. There is a reality style to the show as the event is broadcast as a glossy TV show for all to see.

The main character is a young girl called Katniss Everdeen.  She volunteers to take her sister’s place and the storyline is followed from her point of view.  There are two boys who provide a sort of love triangle but this storyline isn’t that developed within this first book.

Is The Hunger Games Trilogy Worth Reading?

Now that I have read all three books, I would definitely recommend the first instalment.  There is a lot of action and it is written in a way that you can really imagine the different scenes in a film.  This is not surprising as the writer used to be a script writer so knows how to drive a story forward and provide great cliff-hangers.  The only negative is the lack of character development for each person in the book.  You don’t really get to know enough about each one so it is hard to decide whether to sympathise, empathise or to simply despise them.  This isn’t too much of a problem with the first book as so much is happening but it gets harder to connect with the characters or to understand their choices and their thought process in the following two books.

I would definitely say that the books are worth a read, especially if you are a fan of cliff hanger endings, which I love.  The remaining two books are sure to be made into movies since the opening weekend for the first one is up there with the likes of The Twilight Saga so get your hands on The Hunger Games Trilogy so that you know what to expect from the films.  It will not disappoint.

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