The House of My Dreams

What Does Your Dream Home Look Like?

Georgian Style House - My Dream HomeWhenever I think about the type of home I would like to live in, it usually consists of the following attributes:

  • It is Georgian in style, reminiscent of the homes featured in my favourite Jane Austen inspired films and miniseries.
  • It has two large living rooms – one which has a piano and is a little more formal, the other is filled with large comfy sofas, a gorgeous working fireplace and a massive flat screen TV.

  • There is a large kitchen diner with the kitchen table facing the set of double glazed, double fronted doors
  • The doors open out to a very smart but not too big garden, with a decked patio area and comfortable benches for when we have one of two days of British Summer weather.
  • The bedroom is large, modern in style, similar to something you would find in a sophisticated contemporary hotel suite.

  • There is an en suite, naturally, with a lovely roll top bath and a huge power shower.
  • There is a room which I have designated as my cute little office area.  This will mostly used for storage as I will work from the large kitchen table, near the food and the very important feature – my kettle – for those much needed cups of tea.
  • I am not sure how many other rooms there are in my dream home but this is where I am up to right now. I know that it will change lots over time.  I may not even get to live in such a home but I can dream. And, sometimes dreams do come true.  :)

Have Your Say: Do you have a dream home in mind? Are you already living in it?  I would love to know your thoughts so leave a comment below.

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