Sex and The City Box Set DVD

Buy The Sex and the City Box Set DVD

If you are looking for the perfect girlie gift you have to buy the Sex and The City Box Set DVD.  Every woman, single or in a relationship should have this collection on their shelf. This is the sort of thing that would make a perfect gift for any type of special occasion.

The Sex and the City complete set comprises of nineteen discs and an additional free bonus disc. The series is available in Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround Sound with NTSC sub titles. The series is shipped to Region 1, which includes all cities in the USA and Canada.

The stars of the Sex and the City series are the absolutely fabulous actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall. The set of twenty discs is forty seven hours (2820 minutes) long and is released by Home Box Office (HBO).

Comprising all the six seasons of the serial, the complete set offers customers the comical, candid and extreme view of the methods of dating, pairing up and relationships in a big city. The series portrays the daily and the nightly way of living of single women in the modern city.

The twenty discs are available in a pink velvet spiral binder with numerous photographs of the actresses and the events of the show. Moreover the binder also provides brief descriptions of every episode in the series. At the end of the descriptions, the DVDs are packed in thick pages. Lastly to avoid damage through scratching, the pink spiral binder is packed in plastic protective cover.

Seasons 1 – 6 of Sex and The City

Based on Candace Bradshaw’s book, the first series is spread over twelve episodes. Sarah Jessica Parker, acting as Carrie writes a column named “Sex and the City” giving details of the love affairs of the prominent personalities of Manhattan. The four girls’ dating issues are brought forth in the first season.

The second season furthers from the first season and becomes a pop-culture season. Relationships epiphanies co-exist in funny plans with classic one-liners. The third season of this serial brings in some twists in the series and features three episodes in Los Angeles. Continued love wars, sex and unlimited shopping portrays grown-up humour and sharp comedy circumstances are featured in the fourth season.

A small fifth season comprising only eight episodes marks the maturing of the foursome after experiencing many heartaches in the four prior season. The last season which ended this sitcom, with all the characters finally finding their destiny and happiness is also included in the Sex and the City complete set.

Love The TV Show? Then Get The Movie!

If you love the complete TV series, then go ahead and buy the Sex and the City movie DVD too.

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