Red Winter Coat For Women

Reasons To Buy A Red Winter Coat

I have decided that I would like a red winter coat for this season because I want to inject a little bit of colour into my wardrobe.  I opened up my wardrobe and was shocked at the amount of boring dark clothes I have. So I have started to look at what is currently available in order to decide what is right for me.

Whether you are looking for a red pea coat, a red trench coat or a red double breasted coat, you will find that these can all make a fantastic winter coat. Here are some great examples of a red winter coat for women that have taken my fancy.

Buy A Short Red Pea Coat

I love this drop belted red pea coat. I actually saw it in a magazine and torn the picture out so that I could find a cheaper alternative.

This one is from New Look and costs just under £40. It is a double breasted military style coat with two sets of large black buttons. The great thing about this coat is that it has a button right at the top of the collar so that you can really keep out the cold.

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The drop waist design is further enhanced with the thick red belt that has a black buckle to match the buttons. The sleeves feature cuffs that also have a button attached on each side.

This particular coat is made from 95% polyester, 3% viscose, 2% elastane and the lining is made from 100% Polyester. This is currently at the top of my shopping list.

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Buy a Beautiful Red Trench Coat

The red trench coat for women is a classic style and it is the type of coat that will look good with almost anything. This would be suitable for the working woman as well as for casual everyday wear. You can buy a long trench coat or a short trench coat, depending on your preference, and these can be made from thin coat fabrics, suitable for the summer months or you can get a really thick trench coat made from a mixture of wool and cotton making it extremely warm.

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I am loving the Sutton Stuido Ponte Trench Coat, available from Amazon. This is a darker red, actually burgundy but it features all the details that I like in a coat, such as the double breasted aspect with two sets of buttons which as some gold detail work.

This coat has a thick belt with a gold belt buckle. The buckle design also features on the sleeves too. It may be a little thin for winter so I might have to keep searching in order to find the perfect red trench coat for winter.

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