Red Halter Dress Marilyn Monroe Style

Where to Buy a Marilyn Monroe Halter Dress

Red Halter DressThe retro style of the Red Halter Dress will be recognisable to anyone who is a fan of the iconic blonde bombshell that was Marilyn Monroe.

She made this particular style of dress very popular in the 1955 film ‘The Seven Year Itch’.  This is where she stands over a subway grating and the rush of air causes her dress to blow up, producing that oh so famous image.

The great news is that this style has been copied countless times and for those who feel that they can not or do not want to wear white, this dress is available in other colours.

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I particularly like the Red Halter Dress pictured above.  It has been made to resemble Marilyn’s dress.  It is available in a range of sizes and lengths.

The great thing about a halter dress is that it accentuates the best parts of your body.  It will highlight your bust area and it will flatter your waistline.

Click on the image above if you are looking for this type of Marilyn Monroe Style Halter Dress. This one is from Amazon.

Prefer A White Marilyn Monroe Halter Dress?

If you want to see examples of the Marilyn’s Dress in the orignal style, the White Halter Dress,there are some great options, also available from Amazon.

You could wear this dress for a really special date or even as a fancy dress costume.

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Have Your Say:  Are you a fan of the Marilyn Monroe style dress? Are you a fan of the women herself? Share your thoughts.

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