Purple Cowboy Boots & Other Womens Boots

Where To Buy Great Boots for Women

I started looking at the different types of Boots for Women that are currently available to buy.  The weather has turned and my old boots have decided to up and die on me.

The heels have been worn down and the glue has disintergrated so that there are gaping holes at the front of each toe.

I took a look online and discovered a wonderful range of boots that would definitely suit my style and my budget. Here is a selection of what I found.  Click on the links below to find out more about each style.

Tan Knee High Boots
I love the colour of these Tan Knee High Boots because it is a shade that goes with almost anything.

You can get a flat heel or a high heel style, depending on your preference.

I am a shorty so I like the idea of a big chunky heel, where I can add a little height but still get on with my everyday business.

Click Here for more Tan Knee High Boots

Women’s Military Boots
I already own a pair of women’s military boots which are in black, the safest colour of all.

I want to be a little daring in my colour choices and absolutely love these green boots with the fur trim.

These would definitely be great for the British Winter weather.

Click Here for more Women’s Military Boots

Black Over The Knee Boots
These Black Over the Knee Boots look super sexy but I am not sure if someone as short as me could pull the look off.  I might end up looking like a little girl playing dress up in her mum’s shoes and boots.

The flat heeled over the knee boots could work but I would have to have a long hard think about that particular buying decision.

Click Here for more Over the knee Black Boots

Red Knee High Boots
Now something that would definitley take me out of my comfort zone would be a pair of bright Red Knee High Boots.

I love the vibrancy of the colour and this would surely liven up any dull outfit.  The question is, would I be brave enough?

I have gathered together a nice assortment of what is available.  Some would make it onto my clothes shopping list while others would have a question mark beside them.

Click Here for more Red Knee High Boots

Purple Cowboy Boots
Cowboy boots are very popular and the colour purple is also very popular so what do you get if you combine the two things together? You get a selection of Purple Cowboy Boots.

I do not think that it is mandatory to be a fan of Country & Western music, although I must admit to being a little partial to the odd Dolly Parton song, (Island in the Stream anyone?).

Purple boots are not just confined to the cowboy boot style.  You can get knee high flats or heels, purple suede boots, purple ankle boots and some cute wedge boots too.

Click Here for more Purple Cowboy Boots

Have Your Say: Do any of these women’s boots appeal to you? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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