Promises in Death by JD Robb – Book Review

Promises in Death is book 28 in the long running In Death Series of books by Nora Roberts, who writes under the name of JD Robb.

As with the other books in the series, this one focuses on a brutal murder, which Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the NYPD has to solve.  She is ably assisted by a team of people which include her partner Detective Peabody, and her gorgeous Irish husband, ex rogue and now honest business man Roarke.

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The Storyline & Plot
In Promises in Death a police officer is murdered.  This officer is linked to a close friend of the Lieutenant so she takes this case personally.  As the story unfolds, we discover links to a vicious criminal that Eve previously convicted and who is serving multiple sentences in a prison off planet.

These books are set in a post modern world, where there are flying cars, supersonic planes and residential facilities on other planets.  Books have been replaced by handheld computer links, weapons as we know them have been banned and police issue weapons are now lasers.

My Opinion about This Series
I absolutely love the world that JD Robb has created and how she describes the inhabitants of this society, the good and the bady.  Eve is a hardworking and highly respected New York cop who understands how to get a confession out of a criminal.

She has a very hard exterior but it has been softened by the new relatioships she has built with her partner as well as her acceptance of her love for her husband, who manages to eek out the feminine and vulnerable side of character.

Show You Read This Book?
I would definitely recommend this collection of books. It is best to start with the first book in the collection, Naked in Death, so that you are introduced to all the main characters.  You can then choose to work your way chronologically through the rest or pick and choose the stories that appeal to you.  The characters continue to develop book after book but this will not hinder or affect your enjoyment.

Happy Reading! :)

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