My Stylish New Cloche Hat – How Do I Look?

My New Cloche Hat is My New Best Accessory

Black Wool Felt Hat

It is the middle of winter so this is the perfect time to think about Winter clothing and hats in particular.  I have one hat that I wear all the time.

It is a black woolly thing which has served me well.  It is practical and functional.  This could also be translated to mean boring and bland.

Time for a Brand New Hat & Style

Anyway I knew that it was time to get a new hat.  I had a few styles that I really liked but I always felt that they were far too dressy for everyday wear.

I always appreciate how other women look in their great hats and their great coats but I always believed that this just wasn’t me.

I am starting to realise that the only person stopping me from changing my image is me.  There is no rule or law out there that says I can’t wear a fancy looking hat just to go to work.  There is no rule that says work wear has to be boring.

This is the Choosen Hat

So with this in mind, I took a look at the type of hat that I wanted.  The style can be characterised as a retro 1920s type hat.  I looked at a selection that were available on Amazon and I settled on the one pictured here.

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How Do I Look?

It is a black felt hat with a satin ribbon around the base. On the side flower petal shapes have been cut out and layered on top of each other with a cluster of black plasticy things that are supposed to be the inner part of the flower.

I placed my order with Amazon and the hat arrived about 3 days later.  The box was so light, I didn’t think there was anything inside.  I absolutely loved it when I put it on.  It certainly made me look and feel chic.  I still felt that it was a little too dressy so it took a couple of days before I plucked up the courage to wear it outside lol.

My Friends Loved The New Look

Oh my goodness! The compliments I got from my work colleagues.  They loved it too. No-one thought that it was over the top at all.  See, it was my own imagination and my own silly predjudices that almost stopped me from making the purchase.

I love this hat and I wear it all the time.  I will definitely be looking to add a few more fancy pieces of millinery to my little ole head in the future.

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Have Your Say: I have two questions – 1) What do you thnk about my choice of hat? and 2) Is there an item of clothing that you would love to wear but think that it might not be appropriate? Share your thoughts.

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