Mother and Child Pendant

If you are looking for a piece of jewelery to present as a really special mothers day gift then you may like to consider buying a Mother and Child Pendant. There is a variety of styles to choose from and you are sure to find the perfect piece of jewellery to show your mother just how much you love her.

One example of the sort of Mother’s Day pendant that you could choose to buy is the Loving  Family  Sterling silver  pendant – mother and 3 children. This beautifully depicts a mother and her three children in an embrace that forms a heart. Made from real sterling silver, the Mothers Day silver pendant measures one inch long and half an inch wide and is available in a ready to wear eighteen inches chain.

About This Loving Family Mother and Child Silver Pendant

The sturdy sterling silver is an elegant expression of a mother’s profound affection for her children and the textured finishing enhances the magnitude of this exquisite model of ornament. The exotic pendant comes with a chain with a spring clasp and is resilient to tainting. The lovely pendant is made from recycled sterling silver and is available in an attractive gift packaging.

The pendant captures the love between a mother and her children. It is a perfect gift for your mother, mother in law, sister or wife. The pendant is the perfect and subtle way to show your appreciation to a mother who truly loves her children.

Priced at an affordable cost, the pendant does not appear cheap but can make an excellent ornament to your dress.

A Mother and child pendant is the perfect gift for a mother and is ideal for any occasion, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day and birthdays or can be gifted only as a token of appreciation without any occasion.  Another wonderful gift option that you could consider is a beautiful Mother’s  Day photo frame.

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