Large Eyeshadow Palette & Other Makeup Gift Ideas for Women

A Large Eyeshadow Palette is just one example of the type of make up gift that I am sure a lot of women would welcome.

I always admire women who have created that perfectly flawless look with different colour eyeshadow, eye pencils and lipsticks.

I wish I could be one of those women. The reality is that I am basically very lazy.  The only time that a cosmetic product fiinds its way anywhere near my face is if I have a hot date (a what now?) or I am going somewhere really fancy smancy.

Whenever I get the urge to update the pathetically small collection of makeup that I own, I always look towards the large combo packs, hoping to find everything I need for as little money as possible.

The best deal is if I can persuade a kindly family member or friend to check out my wishlist and purchase these items for me.

In celebration of that fact, here are some Makeup Gift Ideas that a woman like myself would be more than happy to receive on my birthday or indeed from Santa on Christmas Day. Here’s hoping.

Large Eyeshadow Palette

This will always be a very popular makeup gift idea for women of all ages.  A Large Eyeshadow Palette will provide you will so much choice. You can create a look for daytime, a look for night-time and a look for somewhere in between.

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Kabuki Makeup Brush
I didn’t realise that the Kabuki Makeup Brush was the name for the type of brush that is short and flat with a fairly large brush head. This is suitable for applying cosmetic products such as loose powder, blusher or setting powder.

If you are looking to replace your brushes or would like to make a friend very happy, take a look at the great bargaiins that are currently on offer.

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Makeup Brush Belt
This would be a lovely makeup gift idea for a professional makeup artist or a makeup artist in the making.

A Makeup Brush Belt or makeup brush apron is available in different sizes and the majority that I found were in black.

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Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag
An item that would work well at home or while you are on your travels, is a hanging toiletry travel bag for men or for women. This unisex, universal item is available in a variety colours, sizes and price levels.

You may want something that would just hold enough for an overnight stay or you may be after a bag just for your costmetics.  Whatever you need, there will be a toiletry travel bag to suit.

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Have Your Say: Would you be happy to give or receive one of these makeup items as a gift? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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