In Time Movie Review

In Time Movie 2011 – My Review

I went to see In Time, the movie starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. Although I enjoyed the film, I left the theatre feeling that it should have been and could have been a lot better.

This is essentially a science fiction movie.  The wonderful and conceptual storyline is based on the idea that people live in a world where no one ages after the age of 25 years.  What this means is that a mother, a father, a child and a grandparent can all look the same age.  Basically once you reach the age of 25 you are given 1 year more to live. The way that people can extend their life is by accruing extra time on their clock, which is imprinted on their forearm, by working, if you are poor, or accumulating more time via commerce and enterprise if you are wealthy.

Time is allocated in this way in order to ensure that the population remains constant.  People must die in order for the equilibrium to be maintained. The cost of living can change on a daily basis which is another way of ensuring that people who can not afford the new prices either find ways to gain more time or they will expire.

The story follows Justin’s character called Will Salas.  He meets a wealthy man called Henry who has over 100 years on his clock, but he no longer wants to live.  While Will is asleep Henry transfers almost all of his time and then commits suicide.

Will wants to share his new found wealth and lifeline with others and waits for his mother at a bus stop. But she dies in his arms because she runs out of time before she can reach him.

Will is determined to avenge his mother and escapes from the ghetto and heads out to the rich area, New Greenwich, where life is completely different for those with money.  He comes into contact with a rich heiress, played by Amanda Seyfried, and after a mixture of mutual attraction, kidnapping, an unpaid ransom demand and escaping from the law, they both team up to work together.

This then turns into a sort of Bonnie & Clyde story where the characters break into banks to steal time-holders which they then pass on to the poor.

Is In Time Worth Seeing?

The film has the making of a truly gripping drama similar to Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio and The adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon but what we got was a watered down affair.  It felt like the best bits might have been left on the cutting room floor. Established actors, for example, Johnny Galecki, from the fantastic comedy series The Big Bang Theory, were wasted and the love story between Justin and Amanda’s characters didn’t develop adequately enough for you to really care about them as much as the audience could have.

It is worth watching this film because Amanda is amazing.  She has really striking eyes and plays the poor little rich girl role perfectly.  Justin is great too and I hope that he gets to work with meatier material in the future.

This is a film worth seeing if you have time on your hands (see what I did there? Sorrry, couldn’t resist).

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