In Death Books by JD Robb – For Those Who Enjoy a Murder Mystery with a Side Order of Sex

Reasons To Buy Books By JD Robb

I really do love my detective books and I discovered a collection of stories that had a great twist. They are called the In Death Series and they are set in the not so distant future with a strong female character at the heart of each story.

The Books

The In Death series of books is an extensive collection of books that follows the life and the cases of an American detective called Eve Dallas.  In the first book, we learn about her brutal past and how she was able to change her life and now forges a very successful career as a Lieutenant in the New York Police & Security Department (NYPSD).

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One of the reasons I love these books is because of the balance of suspense of each murder case that Lieutenant Dallas is assigned to, mixed with the romantic element as we witness when she meets, falls in love with and marries the devilishly handsome Irish billionaire known simply as Roarke.

The futuristic elements of these books describe a world where flying cars exist, guns have been replaced by portable pocket lasers and everyone stays in contact via palm pilots that resemble a much more technologically advanced system similar to today’s Ipad. There are robots called droids that look like humans, and carry out simple everyday tasks. And this is a world where it is possible to travel to and indeed live on other planets. (However no other living species have been discovered – yet).

Why You Should Read These Books

If you love the idea of reading a collection of books about a no-nonsense strong willed independent woman who is not only super efficient and well respected in her line of work, but also has a great personal life with the tall, dark and handsome Roarke, then place your order today.

About The Author

Although these books are penned under the name JD Robb, this is actually a pseudonym for Nora Roberts.  Born on October 10, 1950 in Silver Spring, which is situated in Maryland, USA, Nora published her first book in 1981 (Irish Thoroughbred) and hasn’t stopped since.  She has written well over a hundred books in different styles and genres and under different names.  You will also find that there are several box set collections that would make fantastic gift ideas for any occasion.

Other Books By The Author

As well as this fantastic series of books, Nora Roberts has written a plethora of romance novels.  Some has been straight forward modern day romance stories, while others are based in the mystical genre of witches and warriors.

The Latest Book in the In Death Series

Celebrity In Death is the name of the latest book in this particular series.  It is due for release in February but you can pre-order from Amazon right now.  I am still working my way through the current publications of Ms Robb’s work but I certainly look forward to devouring this book in the not too distant future.

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