Clothes Shopping – My Love – Hate Relationship with it and A Possible Solution

Shopping - my love hate relationshipI need to acquire and update my wardrobe of clothes. I have known this for years but I have been avoiding this particular task because, although I love clothes, I do not like shopping for clothes. This can make the task somewhat difficult to undertake.

The reason I am not a great fan of clothes shopping is because the shops really do not seem to like the idea of creating clothes for women with real body shapes. At 5ft 3 inches, I am about about an inch shorter than the average UK woman but most clothes are really long and seem to be made for Amazonian gazelle-like ladies.

My boobs, waist and hips are not in proportion with each other. So when I do venture into shops I tend to find a combinations of problems.  Some clothes will fit in the wasit but are too tight on the thighs, some will fit around the arms but are too tight around the boobs, and most items are  too long for a shortie McShortie like me.

Petite Range To The Rescue
Lots of shops have created a petite range and I have been successful in finding some items of clothing that work perfectly for my height but this is still mired with difficulties.

I Am Trying Another Option – Catalogue and Online Shopping
I have ordered a brand new catalogue and I am working my way through it and its acompanying online store to see if I can find some solution to my shopping dilemma.

I did a little reading on the history of the catalogue and found that, according to Wikipedia, the first mail order catalogue came into existence in the mid 18th century. It took a couple of centuries before it really became a boom business. Big names in the mail order business included The Sears Catalogue – founded in US in 1893 and The Littlewoods Catalogue – founded in 1932 in the UK.

Memories of Picking and Choosing From our Famiy Catalogue
Freemans CatalogueMy early memories of catalogue shopping was when my mum would receive the huge tomb of a book through the post. Her catalogue of choice was called The Freeman’s Catalogue, the UK based company which was founded in 1904. These were issued, twice a year I believe.

There was one published for the Spring/Summer season and one for the Autumn/Winter season. These catalogues were filled with hundreds and hundreds of pages of items from all departments including clothing, kitchenware, gardening, home furnishings, musical equipment, electrical items and lots more.

Each season, when the new catalogue arrived, my mum, my sister and I would busy ourselves flicking through the pages to look at all the beautiful clothes. Well my mum would be looking at the clothes section. My sister and I would flip to the back of the book and check out all the latest toys and gadgets that were for sale. It was never too early to think about what Christmas gifts we wanted from Santa / mum/ dad / Freemans. Ah, the memories. :)

Catalogue Shopping 2.0 –  Rebooted for the 21st Century
Fast forward to 2013 and catalogue shopping has made a comeback. It never really went away but there are now a lot more adverts on television and in the fashion magazines. This is definitely due to the state of the economy. Catalogue shopping means you can purchase something now and pay for it later. This is the perfect solution for those who do not have the necessary money upfront and like the idea of being able to spread the cost over a few weeks or a few months.

Celebrities Have Jumped on The Catalogue Bandwagon
Myleene Klass Clothes Range for Littlewoods CatalogueThe popularity of the catalogues have been further enhanced with a whole slew of celebrities either endorsing one brand or creating their own line of clothing which is sold exclusively through one of these companies.

One example is reality TV star / singer / classical pianst / TV presenter Myleene Klass, pictured here. Her clothes range appears in the latest edition of the Littlewoods catalogue.

Even though we have progressed and we are in the internet era, where you can buy almost anything at the click of your computer mouse, it is still possible to remain old skool and get a catalogue delivered to your home. But these days all of the catalogues have set up online stores too. I wouldn’t be surpised if they phase out the hard copies all together and rely soley on their online shops.  This is bound to happen in the not too distant future.

My Wardrobe Renewal Shopping Challenge
I have decided to try a little bit of catalogue and online shopping to see if I can replace and improve my existing collection of clothes. I have already bought stuff online from places like Amazon and ebay so this is not a completely new thing for me.

With the help of  this way of  shopping, I hope to:

  • Replace my old, stale, sorry clothes
  • Update and embrace new trends
  • Shop on a budget
  • Create a look that represents the person that I see when I close my eyes and picture myself out of the comfy tracksuits and baggy that seemed to have become my unofficial uniform of late.

How Will I Pay For This New Wardrobe of Clothes?
Piggy BankI am working hard (not really) on making some money online. I will therefore allocate some of my earnings towards my wardrobe fund. I am only allowed to spend a fixed amount of money per month, otherwise this could get a little cray-cray. You know how easy it is to buy online – your debit account could be depleted of all its funds in no time at all.

The amount I am allowed to spend will be the a maximum of £40-£50 per month. Is that a lot? A little? I don’t know. Can I get a whole new wardrobe of clothes on that amount of money? Well watch this space….

Have Your Say: Do you have a set budget for clothes shopping? Do you enjoy clothes shopping? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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