Buy Sookie Stackhouse Shorts for Halloween Costume

If you are looking to put together the perfect Sookie Stackhouse costume you will know that part of Sookie’s work outfit is a pair of short black shorts. This is something that all fans of the True Blood books but especially the television series will recognize.

The black shorts do not have any particular logos or designs on them so you should be able to pick up a pair quite easily from Amazon online or from your local department store. You may already have a pair hanging up in your closet. The only thing that you need to be sure of is that they are short enough and tight even in order to emulate the figure hugging outfit that Sookie wears.

Once you have the Sookie Stackhouse black shorts, you will want to add these to your Merlottes T-shirt as well as the green Sookie apron that goes with it. To complete the look why not invest in a black tray so that you can carry around a bottle of two of True Blood, the beverage favoured by the vampires.

This will certainly ensure that your Sookie Stackhouse costume is complete.

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