Buy Kindle Fire or a Nook Touch eReader

In the world of eBook readers, two major brands come to mind: the Kindle Fire and the Nook. These have both sold in huge numbers in recent years, and have both become more and more affordable with each new model.

If you’re in the market for a new eBook reader, and are trying to make a decision on the Kindle vs. Nook, keep reading to find out more.

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eReader Models Available

Before we get going with the comparison, it’s useful to note the models available. Both the Kindle and the Nook come with touchscreen editions and color editions. Amazon has a couple of extra models in the form of the more basic, non-touchscreen, Kindle, and the older Kindle Keyboard.

Compare the eReader Prices

Price is a major factor for many buyers, so it makes sense to look at this first. Here’s a quick overview of the Kindle vs. Nook prices:

  • The classic Kindle (without a touchscreen) is $79 with ad support, $109 otherwise.
  • Kindle Touch and Nook Touch are both $139 for the Wi-Fi version, but Kindle has an ad supported option for $99.
  • The Amazon Kindle Fire is $199, the Barnes & Noble Nook Color is $250

The Reading Experience With The Different eReaders

The reading experience differs depending on whether you choose the color devices or the e-Ink screens. However, there’s really very little in it between the comparable models from both Kindle and Nook. The e-Ink screens offer fantastic quality for those who want to replicate a real book, with much faster page turns than we’ve seen before. As for the color screens, they’re exactly the same size, with the same resolution, and with similar designs.

When it comes to the eBook stores, both offer an excellent selection of books, including many classic free titles. Barnes & Noble have the upper hand when you consider the fact that the Nook uses the more common ePub book format. Kindle users, however, are limited to Kindle’s own file format.

Connecting To The Internet With The eReader

Although all of the Nook and Kindle models do offer Wi-Fi connectivity, Kindle does have an edge on both Nooks: if you buy the Kindle Touch or Kindle Keyboard, you have the option of paying a little more for a Kindle 3G ereader device. The best thing about this is the fact that 3G is free (unlike on smartphones or tablets), so you can always download your books, or use basic web browsing functions, on the move.

How Much Storage Space Does The eReader Have

One thing that all of Amazon’s Kindle models lack is the option to expand the storage with an external SD card slot. This isn’t so much of a problem for the e-Ink screens, as eBooks don’t take up much space. However, users of the Kindle Fire are likely to be downloading a lot of big multimedia files. Although you do get the benefit of Amazon Cloud Storage, it would have been beneficial for Amazon to have included a card slot.

Extra Features With Each eReader

The Amazon Kindle Fire comes with a newer and more powerful CPU than the Nook Color, though you probably won’t notice too much difference between that and the Nook Touch unless you’re playing games or using more intensive apps. For basic reading, photo viewing or web browsing, the two devices will be very similar.

The Amazon Kindle Fire also offers unique access to Amazon’s Video On Demand and Prime Membership, meaning users can stream thousands of movies and TV shows directly to their device. The Nook Color is more limited in terms of multimedia.

Which eReader Should You Choose?

In the battle of Kindle vs. Nook, both readers have their pros and cons. When it comes to the e-Ink options, you’ll choose the Kindle if you want to save some cash with ad support. Otherwise, go with the eBook store you prefer. As for the color versions, the Amazon Kindle does have the edge, both on price, and the features it provides.

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