Buy A White Gold Diamond Ring

Buy A White Gold Diamond Ring

If you are looking for a wonderful Mothers Day gift for or a Valentines Day present for your loved one, why not consider a beautiful White Gold Diamond Ring.  There are several different styles to choose from and this is just one example.

10k White Gold Diamond Heart Ring

This heart-shaped ring is designed in 10 karat white gold making it elegant and apt for gifting on any occasion. Set as a heart, this ring has eleven round shaped diamonds and has an attractive filigree band with mil-grain texture which enhances its elegance.

The ring is set in a prong and bazel setting is done with a 0.35 inches width and 0.34 inches length. The total white gold metal content in this beautiful white gold diamond ring is seven grams and is available in size 7. But the ring is resizable and can be reduced to size 5 and increased to a size 9.

Diamond Clarity

As no two diamonds are similar, the clarity of the diamonds varies depending on the inclusions that are typically invisible to the bare eyes. This heart-shaped ring diamond’s clarity is classified as I3, which means there is a possibility of inclusions that are visible under a 10X magnifying scope.

Diamond Colour

Colour of a diamond is categorized as alphabets with D being almost colourless to Z that is a light shade of yellow. The diamonds in this heart-shaped ring are of a J grade, which implies that they are near colourless.

This elegant heart-shaped diamond ring is very affordable and makes an excellent gift to a female of any age on any occasion like engagement, graduation, birthday or Valentine’s Day. Show your love and respect to the woman of your life by gifting this beautiful white gold diamond ring. Some other great gift ideas that you may like to consider include a beautiful Silk Hand Painted Kimono or a lovely Chocolate Gift Basket.

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