Buy a Sookie Stackhouse Merlottes Waitress T-Shirt

If you are looking to buy a Sookie Stackhouse costume, you will definitely want to start off by getting a Merlotte’s T-Shirt. This is the bar where Sookie is a waitress and works most evenings.

The T-shirt is a plain white cotton thing but the most important part about it is the logo on the top right side. The logo is in green and says the words Merlotte’s. This has to be the most essential part of your ensemble if you want your Sookie costume to be perfect.

The Merlotte’s bar t-shirt is available in a range of sizes so you should have no problem at all in ordering the right size for yourself or as a gift for any True Blood fan.

Once you have purchased the Sookie Stackhouse t-shirt, you will want to add the rest of the outfit. This will include the right shorts, Sookie Stackhouse wig and of course the Sookie apron. Once you have these items you will have the perfect Sookie Stackhouse costume.

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