Buy A Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume

Get yourself a Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume today. True Blood is a series of novels turned into a television show that skyrocketed into fame.

Sookie is a sexy blond that is involved with Bill Compton, who is a rather powerful vampire. She also has a crazy brother, and she is a telepath. She is a very powerful main character in the True Blood series, and is played by Anna Paquin. As a very strong woman, she is a great role model for young women across the world, and therefore a great choice for a Halloween costume.

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A Sookie Stackhouse costume is very easy to purchase for a young woman with blonde hair. Simply throw on some shorts, a white t-shirt, and put your hair up into a ponytail. Walla! You’re costume is done! For non-blondes or those with long hair, this can be a bit trickier.

Buy A Sookie Wig!

This is why wigs are available for a Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume or for any other costume for that matter. You can easily find wigs and wig accessories that will allow you to have a Sookie hairstyle regardless of your hair length or color. These wigs and wig accessories can be found reasonable inexpensively online.

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To be an authentic Sookie Stackhouse, you will also need to purchase a Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume. This costume will include her barmaid t-shirt. This is important because the bar name in the television show, Merlotte’s Bar and Grille, is unique. The costume should also come with the bar maid’s apron. You can complete the costume at home with a pair of figure hugging shorts, tennis shoes, a pad of paper and a pen.

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A great personality can add a lot to the overall Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume. Since Sookie is supposed to be telepathic, say things that will make you sound telepathic. Let’s say someone opens the door after you knock. Instead of saying ‘Trick or Treat’ say ‘I know you expect me to say trick or treat, but instead I’m going to ask if you have any vampires in residence?’ This is a great way to throw people off guard and let on the nature of your costume to those familiar with the television show.

You could also play up the barmaid part of the Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume by taking your treats and stuffing them in your apron like tips. Ask someone to take their order or see if anyone would like another round. This way at least everyone knows you’re a bar maid, even if they have never heard of Sookie Stackhouse.

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