Buy A Short Silk Kimono Robe

If you would like to update your sleepwear, you should definitely consider buying a short silk kimono robe.  This is a small thing that will make a woman of any age feel sexy and sophisticated.

If you take a look at what is available to buy at Amazon, you will see that there are some great buys and it is easy to order and have delivered to your home within a matter of days.

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Where To Buy A Short Kimono Robe

One example of the type of short kimono robe that you could think about buying is this classic style hand painted silk kimono.  It is made from 100% pure silk so will not only look luxurious to the eye, it will also feel incredibly soft and luxurious on the skin.

The kimono is made as a one size fits all outfit, which will fit a woman that measures up to 48-50 inches at the hip/chest area. Each kimono measures 37.5 inches in length which should reach the knee of the average sized person.

The hand printed design is on the front and on the back of each robe.  Each design depicts a collection of delicate looking flowers.  There are several different colors available and the painted flowers compliment the colors of the robes.

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The colors that are currently available include the following combination:

  • Black
  • Mocha
  • Teal
  • Plum
  • Berry

Buy A Kimono As A Great Gift

A kimono is the sort of item that would be perfect as a gift idea for a woman of any age.  If you are thinking about treating your mother to a wonderful Mother Days gift then this would be a lovely thing to receive.  As this is an item of clothing is not seasonally, you can buy it at any time of the year and it would be a suitable present for a birthday, a wedding or even a Christmas present.

Buy A Short Kimono Robe To Take On Vacation

If you are going on vacation, it is a great thing to have a fantastic wardrobe.  A silk kimono would be the perfect accessory for any woman to take with you.

If you would prefer you could choose to buy a long hand painted silk kimono robe that has a similar design but is 52 inches long.

Other great gift ideas for women include buying a Sex and the City box set DVD or the variety of Spa gift baskets for women that you can order online.

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