Buy A Nintendo Wii Hardware Bundle Online

If you are looking for the ultimate computer console bundle, you should consider buying a Wii Hardware Bundle.  You can choose to buy this bundle in black, white or striking red.

Weighing 8.5 pounds, the Wii Hardware bundle is available as the standard Wii console or the Wii Sports Resort and Wii Remote plus Controller, which is a new generation of a video game launched by Nintendo.

What Is Included In The Nintendo Wii Bundle

  • Wii Sports
  • Wii Sports Resort
  • One Wii Remote Plus controller
  • One Nunchuk controller
  • Sensor Bar
  • Standard composite cable
  • Power cord
  • Features Controls – The Wii Remote controller is easy to use.

Offering the ease of a TV remote, combining a motion-sensing technique, the remote with the Wii Hardware Bundle ensures a smoothe experience. The users only need pick up the console and make the movements they would be making in the event where they were actually bowling, playing tennis, or golfing.

Product Features

512 Mb internal memory

Two USB ports

SD slot to expand the memory

Uses less power saving the users energy and money

Single self loading media inlet, which reads both the 12 centimetre optical disc and the Nintendo GameCube discs.

Channels In The Product

  • Mii Channel to develop characters using Wii software
  • Everybody Votes Channel to participate in national and global polls
  • News Channel: Get the latest news from the Internet in easily browsed groupings.
  • Forecast Channel: Updated weather forecasts from across the world.
  • Wii Shop Channel: With a Wii Points account, access classic games from the past through the Opera browser.
  • Wii Message Board: Leave messages for family members via the calendar message board or using Wii Connect send messages to individuals outside the home.
  • Internet Channel: Through the Opera browser, surf the Internet using the Wii Remote Plus.
  • Photo Channel: Display all your photographs on TV inserting the SD card in the slot.
  • Disc Channel: Compatible with the older version, can be used to play new and classic games.
  • Check out Mii Channel: Network with other Wii members and share your creations with them.

The Key Console Bundle Features

  • Remarkable software
  • Two Games, which include Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports
  • Instinctive controls
  • Wii Channels
  • Memory Expansion and Ports
  • WiiWare and Virtual Console
  • Parental Controls
  • True Streaming of Netflix movies

So if you are trying to decide which games console you should invest in, then the Nintendo Wii Bundle has to be the perfect choice.  This is definitely something that will keep you, your friends and your family entertained as soon as you connect it to your TV screen.

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