Army Wives DVD Set

Reasons To Buy Army Wives DVD Set

I recently discovered a fantastic television programme called Army Wives. Here in England, it was put on a cable channel and I was able to watch the first three seasons on TV.  If you are a fan of great TV with wonderfully strong female characters then this is definitely something for you.

There have been 5 complete series so far and the next season has been scheduled. The Army Wives DVD Box Set would make a wonderful gift for anyone who has anything to do with the Army, whether they are an army wife themselves or if they want to get a little bit of an insight into how life is for women that are part of the Army life.

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Army Wives was originally based on a non-fiction book called Under the Sabers: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives. It was written by Tanya Biank. It is about a group of women and one man who are married to soldiers of varying ranks within the US army.

The main characters are completely diverse and on paper would appear to be a very unlikely group of friends. However, through a range of circumstances, they bond and find a really strong connection.

The Main Characters

Claudia Joy Holden

Her husband is Major General Holden. She holds a very important position at the post where they all live and is involved with several committees which help to assist wives and children within the army.

Denise Sherwood

Denise is married to Major Frank Sherwood. They have a son who also joins the army.

Roxy LeBlanc

Roxy is a really down to earth girl. She was a single mom with two kids when she met her husband. They were married within a few days of meeting each other. Roxy has the hardest time coming to terms with what it means to be an Army wife.

Pamela Moran

Pamela is married to Chase. He is a really sexy guy who is in the Special Ops division. This means that he has to leave at a moment’s notice without being able to say where he is going or what missions he is working on. This raises some difficult issues for Pamela and her two children.

Dr Roland Burton

The honorary woman of the group. He is a psychiatrist who is married to Lt Col Joan Burton. She is one of the higher ranking officers and it is interesting to see what it is like for an African American woman of such high standing. She has juggle the responsibilities of her position as well and be a wife and mother to a young child.

The storylines throughout each season of Army Wives are strong, funny and at times very emotional. This is definitely something for those who are patriotic about being an American but I, as a British gal, have found it extremely entertaining as well as very informative.

The Army Wives DVD Box Set collection would make a great gift for any occasion or as a gift for yourself to enjoy.  Click here to order online today.

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