Anne of Green Gables DVD Collection

Reasons To Buy Anne of Green Gables DVD

I am a huge fan of period dramas especially when they are stories that show when life was simple and a perfect example of this type of feel good drama with a hint of comedy is Anne of Green Gables.

I remember when this came on television and being introduced to the feisty character that is Anne with an E Shirley.

Now you can buy the complete series as a DVD box set and wonder at the beauty that is Gilbert Blythe.

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The television series was based on the Anne of Green Gables books which were written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and were published in 1908. Some people consider the collection to be children’s books but they are completely accessible for people of all ages.

The stories are based in and around Prince Edward Island in Canada. There are lots of different versions available but I was first introduced to the series when the first installment was on television. It was brought to the screen by the writer, director and producer Kevin Sullivan.  I absolutely fell in love with the fabulous characters especially the accident prone but endearing red headed central character known as Ann “with an E” Shirley.

The premise of the story is that Anne is an orphan who is taken in by elderly brother and sister Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert.  They actually wanted a boy as they needed the extra help on their farm but Matthew, a very quiet and shy person, takes a liking to Anne and she gets to stay.  This is the beginning of a wonderful series of adventures and high jinks that Anne finds herself in.

The made for TV films actually used different bits and pieces from a few of the books and used them to create a seamless story where we see Anne grow up from a young school girl who hates her red hair into a beautiful young woman who becomes a school teacher and shares her positive energy and spirit with all those that she meets.

Introducing The Gorgeous Gilbert Blythe

No story is complete without the good looking love interest and the Anne of Green Gables collection is no different.  Gilbert Blythe is introduced as the young boy who picks on Anne at school by pulling on her red pigtails and calling her “Carrots”. The classic sign of showing how much you like someone eh?  As the story progresses, they become good friends, fall in love and eventually marry.

If you are looking for a wonderful piece of period drama with a romantic tale of true love and adventure then you should definitely click here to purchase the Anne of Green Gables collection.  This is a fantastic DVD collection to enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a box of chocolates. It would also make a lovely gift idea for any occasion.

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